A boat inflatable trsrsistant which allows to face the rapids safely with a river guide. Whether it is family for courses discovery or between adults for more sports courses, the Briançonnais offers a fantastic playground at the foot of the massif of the Ecrins. We offer day and half-day outings

Rafting discovered on the high Guisane of Monêtier in St Chaffrey.
An accessible circuit with children when adults are present. So enjoy adventure all together having a few sensations… + Info

White water rafting on the Guisane bass
Go on an adventure in the film part of the Guisane and discover Serre Chevalier Valley otherwise. A progressive course allowing everyone to afford good sensations in a beautiful more info

Sport rafting on the Romansh

At the foot of the Meije, the Romansh offers many Rapids, River is directly fed by glaciers, the guarantee of big waves and thrills + Info



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