Inflatable kayak



We offer inflatable, two-seat or seat, kayak on the Guisane outings or the Durance learn how to run your boat and you the Rapids, a river guide.

 Kayak-high-guisane-half day

On a very progressive course two or solo, discover the Guisane high and its accessible Rapids. + Info


A day mixing inflatable Kayak on the upper part of the Guisane, and Rafting on the sports part, ending on the Durance where you will learn to steer the raft if you wish. 20 km downhill with picnic offered mid-term. + Info


An exceptional adventure, we leave on the Gyronde bass then join the Durance and descend for 40 km before ending up in the Lake of Serre Ponçon. A trip of 2 days with bivouac at mid course.  + Info


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