Proposed activities

We offer various activities of living water.
RAFTING, CANO-RAFT, RAIDS on several days multi-activities
and also the sea KAYAK on the Lake of greenhouse Ponc
onmais also fishing RAFTING the river Durance, unique in France!At the heart of the Hautes Alpes and Briançon, many rivers is offered to you,
whether in family or with friends, we know you offer a descent fits your expectations

Rafting in greenhouse Knight and Briançon

It’s a boat inflatable very strong.
With a monitor, this boat is very accessible, just know how to swim.
For most athletes, the raft to go down very difficult Rapids.
We offer day or half day, varied courses suitable for all levels.

1/2 day RAFTING discovery
on the Guisane high (from 6 years)

(see the plan of the river) 3 h of activity including 2 hours on the water
Price: 40 Euros / pers
Of Monêtier / St Chaffrey, 10 km accessible to all downhill (class 2 / 3) punctuated by Rapids. Discover the Valley of Serre-Chevalier otherwise.
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the Guisane family rafting
 1/2 day RAFTING sports
on the Guisane bass (from 16 years)

(see the plan of the river) 3 h of activity including 2 hours on the water
Price: 40 Euros / pers
Villeneuve in Briançon (class 4/4 +), pure sensations. After a first part easy we enter on the “bass”, beautiful Rapids with evocative names: the labyrinth, portfolio…  All this in a beautiful setting, bordered by the national park of Ecrins.
View course sportsman of the Guisane bass on a larger map

1/2 day RAFTING sports on the Romansh
(from 16 years)

3 h of activity including 1 h 30 on the water
Price: 50 Euros / pers
Departure from the Grave. The Romanche is a raging river to the many rapids. Directly powered by the Meije glaciers, it is the guarantee of big waves and thrills
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 day RAFTING discovery and sport on the Guisane
(from 6 years of minimum 16 for the Guisane bass)
Price: 80 Euros / pers
Monêtier / Prelles. 25 km downhill. A Must for a water day with family or friends, meal on the water at mid course in the middle of unspoilt nature.  After dinner the adults continue on the Guisane bass (less than 16 years following minibus) then everyone meet at Forville and we continue the descent on the Durance Briançon. An ideal route very progressive, accessible to all, Patrick to be a good idea to rafting and discover Serre Chevalier Valley otherwise

View the integral of the Valley in a larger map

 Full day RAFTING trip  on the Durance (from 6 years)
Price: 90 Euros / pers
Montdauphin / Embrun. 24 km downhill on the Guil and Durance.
We begin in gorges of the Guil below and then continue on the Durance where the Rabioux wave, the fast of the iron bridge and many more await you for a day water and panoramic.

 Full day RAFTING Whitewater trip sports on the Guil (from 16 years)
Price: 90 Euros / pers
On the other side of the Izoard pass, a crystalline water feeds of sumptuous high river rapids (class 3/4/5). We start from Chateau-Queyras and descend in very tight gorges. A good meal on a beach at the edge of the water and get back to the rapids. 17 km of Rapids, an unforgettable day on one of the most beautiful courses in Europe.
This day is for the experienced rafters who have already sailed in high River (class 4 and +).

 Full day RAFTING SPORTSMAN bass Guisane + Romansh (from 16 years)
Price: 90 Euros / pers
After the party the sportiest of the Guisane (Villeneuve-Briançon), we leave for the serious. After a meal at the foot of the glaciers of the Meije, we descend the Romanche. A raging river to the many rapids. rivers 2, different, for a day of rafting very sports and thrills.

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Canoe and kayak inflatable

Cano-raft is a boat inflatable very stable for 2 people. We offer raids half day or day on the Guisane, the Clarée-Durance and other rivers.

The canoraft is an excellent way to discover the region, let you try by wild and unspoiled rivers.

1/2 day kayak or inflatable Canoe on the Guisane (from 12 years)
3 hours of activities including 2 hours on the water
Price: 40 Euros / pers
Originally from the village of the Guibertes, arrival in St Chaffrey
(8km from the downhill class 2 / 3)
After a briefing where the guide teaches how you maneuvers to steer the craft as well as the movement of water, you you on the river and Rapids. A very progressive, ideal to discover and develop course

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inflatable canoe

on the Guisane canoraft

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Stays multi-activities

You want to practice different sports like Rafting, mountain biking, Canyoning down rivers over several days. So do not hesitate, we put our experience at your service to offer weekend and stays in the map, adapted to your desires. So friends, family or work colleagues, come and relax in our company

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Kayaking in the High Alps

The Serre Ponçon Lake, the largest lake in the Southern Alps and its sunshine is perfect for the discovery of the sea kayak.
Powered by the Durance and the Ubaye, the two valleys form a Lake bordered by mountains, a decoration that recall the quite atmosphere of the fjords. We offer stays of 2 days
to the discovery of one of the treasures of the High Alps.
In 2 days we do around the Lake and discover over water St Michel, the Valley of Ubaye and coves hidden Lake Bay.
2 days of escape with a bivouac in the Ubaye Valley.
(Tent, stove and camping equipment provided)
View sea kayaking on the Lake Serre Ponçon in a larger map

We also offer a stay of 2 days in January,
the Lake takes at this time of the year of the Canadian paces,
to you the atmosphere of the far North.

For more information and get the road book of stays.
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You want to discover other destinations in sea kayak?
We also organize trips and tours.
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In the Alps, the High Alps sea kayaking

Stays and excursions in kayak

Kayaking on the Lake of Serre Ponçon

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Fishing rafting on the Durance

We offer accompanied by Sebastian Cartairade, fishing guide professional, discover different region and sport fishing.
The rafts allow us to access other impossible to fish from the shore. You wild trout of the Alps!This activity is offered in April and September, when the fishing conditions are optimal.

Trout of the hautes alpes

fishing rafting on the Durance

Fishing rafting

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